The journey to investing began in Valley Forge Military College, while taking a financial class. My mentor explained the necessity of needing to invest in stocks and/or real estate in our lifetime. It was at that defining moment that I would decide to invest and teach individuals about investing. In order to be able to teach people how to invest, I would first have to invest myself & be extremely proficient at it.

Teaching the world to invest in the stock market is personal. I take pride in in helping individuals better themselves financially. We all need to be financially literate, we all need to be financially stable. Aside from teaching people about stocks, my second joy of the business is in teaching adolescent children how to invest. My platform is based for any individual as young as 4 years old, ANYONE can invest and I will not stop until EVERYONE does invest.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to create as many investors/traders as possible. Financial literacy is extremely important and I pledge to spread the knowledge. Investing in various financial markets is an underrated stream of wealth. It has become a necessity, not a luxury. Chose to invest in yourself & choose to invest for the betterment of everything around you. Investing is a lifestyle… choose the wealth, choose to invest, & choose the best !!!

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